Top Ten Reasons Why Should Include Macaron Bites® At Your Next Event

Salomon Mejia
30 Aug , 2022

There are lot of ways to make your special events memorable and great. One of these is by welcoming your guests and treating them to the best tastes and dishes they could ever get from anywhere. Such is the taste from bakeries, flour foods, confections and handcrafted French Macarons from Macaron Bites. Not many firm could offer you such unique tastes that would keep a lasting memory of your event in the minds of your guests as this firm. The great news is that there are even more to Macaron Bites® than the taste. There are loads, intrigues and clusters of unified quality packages you are pricing with every dime spent on our confections. We have therefore highlighted a few of the most important reasons why we consider Macaron Bite as the best among peers, and why you should patronize the firm to handle confections for your next events. 

Experience a rare bite of natural freshness

No one would deny nature at its affordable chance. We are therefore never denied by anyone that has laid fingers and have bites on our products. You absolutely need no food scientist to tell you that our handcrafted Macaron are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and are freshly baked daily. You and your guest too wouldn’t despise a bite of naturally prepared handcrafted French Macarons in America. 

Offering a wide range of products

At Macaron Bites®, there is an endless list of baked and handcrafted confections daily. We make delightful deserts for your festive seasons and fun outing with friends and loved ones. Even when you want to give yourself a kingly or queenly treat, you can always turn to our scroll of bakes and crafts for a pick. You can always purchase our products and have them packed as gifts for occasions. We have got a tasty filings with wide variety of colors to every products, and our French Macaron will always stand out as a chic alternative to please everyone that takes a bite. Our menu includes colorful confections that are available in 26 delicious flavors at around only 80 calories each. They will surely give you treats that would make you yearn for an unlimited bite on our products anywhere, anytime. 

Production of health oriented confections

Let’s face it. Majority of the firms out there care more about their sales and products than your health. However, at Macaron Bites®, we always put you first. We have therefore ensured that all our blends and products and manufactured in the mot hygienic way with health promoting spices and ingredients alone. We are aware that you would patronize us more in good health and safety than otherwise. Securing your health as much as you do is thus for our mutual benefits. 

Production of certified ‘Okay’ snacks and deserts

After successfully meeting the set standards and requirements for the production and distribution of consumables, our products have been certified okay for production, consumption, distribution and sales by Kosher. The authorized body for certification of goods as an attestation of quality and safety has found our product Gluten-free and safe for consumption anywhere anytime. This is one certification not many of similar stores could boast of. It is thus another great stride and testimonial to how we set the pace for other to follow.

Trust me, your next event is far from complete without the touch of Macaron Bites®. We have the needed food innovation and dynamism to wow every attendee with spices of their dreams and make your event largely unforgettable. This begins from your first contact and point of order with the firm. We have dedicated Customer Service Team who are always ready to work directly and assiduously with you to personalize your order and make it look like no order. We have got offers as Macaron Towers or Party Favor which will undoubtedly make great addition to any event. If you therefore seek the taste of heaven and touch of elegance as well as sophistication in your next special occasion be it wedding, birthdays, conferences, graduation, baby showers and lots more, Macaron Bites should be your next dial. 

Brightening up your event on every order

Awesome offers, promotion and discounts

Whether you are buying in units or multiple orders, we offer quality products in surely the most competitive price you could get them around. This is in a bid to complement your taste and desires to want more while spending just a little. We also have special offers, promotion and discount prices depending on order volumes as well as the season of the year that you make your purchase. We celebrate the festive seasons of the year with you in style and convenience. 

We offer online orders and home delivery packages

We know how it feels to sit back in the comfort of your home and order our product on your mobile. It is even better with clicks on your computers when you are busy in your offices. We therefore offer online order platform via our websites and ensures delivery reaches you at your doorstep. To create a simpler and easier lifestyle purchasing from us, we are currently working on a mobile app where you can easily get updates on our offers and buy more conveniently from the comfort of your home and anywhere with your mobile devices.

Short but rich history of quality and progress

We started only in 2014 but it has been a four years of progress and quality distribution owed to our ever-increasing customer base. Since then, company has grown tremendously. As of today, our products sell on Amazon and Groupon. We also do bulk supplies to Walmart, Sears, Select Shops and Boutiques in New York City as well as a variety of Hotels and restaurants nationwide. What would we have asked for than these strides in only four years?

A twenty-second century firm living in twenty-first century

Macaron Bites® is an example of a twenty-second century snacks food company which is already operating optimally to up your satisfaction and taste in the twenty-first century. From, management to organization, control and production, it is certainly an emerging leader in the food production industry with loads of innovation it has brought into play in its bid to set the pace while others follow especially in the fast food industry. Because it deals with product that directly affect your health and wellness, it prioritize quality control at an efficient level while also making sure its customers come first in every production decision.

The management of the organization understands clearly that we are in the millennial world which is saturated with influx of technology at the moment. To this end, every products are made to fit in space without defiling the desires of every millennial in look, designs, packaging and above all taste. 

We are very reachable and accessible

As part of the top pillars of our business, we have tried to make ourselves available to all customers in the most physical, digital, mobile and creative ways. Macaron Bites® is single brand and popular name in the heart of New York and other places we are located. 

We operate an active website ( and we are available on as many social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram. You can also contact us on Email:

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