Macarons: Everything you need to know.

Salomon Mejia
30 Aug , 2022

This article will highlight everything about macarons. What are the French macarons, the correct spelling, and the difference between macarons and macaroons, the history of macarons, how to care for macarons, the calories present in a serving of macaron?

Before we go into the article, grab your special flavor of a macaron and sit back while you read.

What are French macarons?

French macarons are small round biscuit that has a crispy outside look but are actually soft in the inside.

Macons are made from egg whites, almond meal, and icing sugars. This crispy biscuit is mildly moist and melts easily in the mouth. There are different types of macarons (based on the region in France) but the popular and colorful macaron across other parts of the world is called the Parisians macaron.

The correct spelling and difference between “MACARONS” and “MACAROONS”

People confuse these two delicacies because of their spelling and similarity. Both French macarons and macaroons are gluten free but it’s important to understand that the two desserts are different.

Macarons are made from egg whites, almond meal, and icing sugars while Macaroons are small cakes made of coconut.

History of the Macaron

The creation of macaron dates back to 1791 in a convent near France but some people believe the delicacy date back to the arrival of Italian pastry chef Catherine de’ Medici.

Anyway, macaron gained popularity in 1792 and has since then been accepted as a 100% biscuit with no filings.

How to care for macarons

French macarons may look crispy but they are mild, soft and fragile which is why they need to be handled with care (refrigerating them is the best)

To get the best (taste) from your macarons, consume three days after days of purchase. This is because they are extremely sensitive to moisture.

If you have plans to store macarons more than 3 days, an airtight plastic container is needed to store before keeping in the refrigerator. Storing in an airtight container can keep for 7 days. To store for longer days (about 6 months), you can freeze macarons.


The recipe and filling of macaron determine the calories present. The average macaron (a serving) has between 100 and 160 calories.

You must be glad you read this. Keep enjoying your macaron and don’t hesitate to share the article with family and friends.

Macaron is delicious and is worth tasting.


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