Macaron Bites® Menu

Salomon Mejia
30 Aug , 2022

It’s normal to seek for the touch of elegance and sophistication in your next special occasion. If you have the feeling of giving your guests that enticing experience they will continue to remember after your event. Try Macaron Bites®!

French macarons are thin, tasty meringue cookies which are packed with a specific type of filling. These cookies are exceptional because of the meringues. The shell of macarons are smooth, moist and crunchy but the inner component is chewy. These cookies are prepared with tons of groundnuts and egg whites, which gives them that special chewy texture without getting too crispy because it doesn’t dry out, like a usual meringue cookie prepared with both sugar and egg whites.  The filling of macarons can be something tasty, which will fit perfectly between the cookies, macaron fillings can be buttercream frosting, jams, and caramel. Even Nutella peanut butter can be used as a filling for macarons. Although macarons can come in different dimensions, they are usually in small sizes which can be eaten in single or double bites.

Macarons are a French staple and it is common in Paris. If you visit the place anytime, you will easily find them without stress at most bakeries. These cookies are gradually becoming popular in the US, but are still not that common. To get macarons presently, you’ll need to search your vicinity for a bakery or restaurant that are French pastries specialists. Sometimes, finding really nice macarons might demand more time than expected. You can actually prepare them at home using few simple ingredients, you can also try out different fillings and flavors of your choice. But homemade macarons may not be good as the ones made by specialists like Macaron Bites®. 

Macarons made by Macarons Bites® are baked and made skillfully with hand, these Macarons will make really pleasant desserts for any party or gatherings. They can also be a fun treat for you and a buddy. Macarons Bites® macaron menu offers approximately 80 Calories per macaron and they are prepared with ingredients that are gluten-free. These tasty treats are lovely when shared or presented as a gourmet gift for any event.

The Macaron Bites® Macaron Menu are filled with pleasant and distinct flavor fillings which are made in wide variety of colors. The French Macarons on the menu are stylish options that will be certainly enjoyed when presented as a gourmet gift or given to your guests. This menu Includes Colorful varieties which are available in twenty-six appetizing flavors. Macaron Bites® has short-time seasonal Macaron flavors and new seasonal offerings, which can make you crave for more. 

Finally, after all of the efforts of Macaron Bites® on the French macarons, they are meticulously arranged in the Assorted Macarons Boxes, ready to be sold. Macaron Party Favors are an essential part of the Macarons Bites® Macarons Menu, which are designed for Corporate events, birthdays, Sweet Sixteens, or any other special event. French Macaron party favors are the great additions to any of your occasion. Also, all the products on the menu can be presented as a gourmet gift.

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